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History of UNICCO

Mount Nimba UNICCO

Mount Nimba

The UNICCO organization is a US based Liberian Ethnic Association made of mostly the descendants of Nimba County, one of Liberia’s political sub-divisions.

Majority of its people are of the Mah, Daan, Mandingo, Gbi, Kpelle, and Krahn Ethnic Groups.

They are located in the North Central horn of Liberia.

Membership in UNICCO is also extended to all members’ spouses, and their children.

Some chapters have extended membership rights to “all persons interested in the welfare of Liberia and Liberians” (Chicago Chapter Article III see page 69 in Nya Kwiawon Taryor, A Kee ZI, Constitutions and by-Laws of UNICCO National & Local Chapters 1991).

The five principles and objectives of this organization are described in the Constitution.

The organization operated sporadically and separately from state to state from 1975 to December 29, 1979 when all the different strands came together in Atlanta, Georgia to form the Nimba County Students’ Association, which later changed into the United Nimba Citizens’ Council.

The history of the formative years, first fifteen (15) years of this organization can be found in a book: Liberia Facing Mount Nimba: (A Documentary History of the United Nimba Citizens’ Council) 1991 by Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.

UNICCO National Presidents from 1979 to Present

Doaker Mongrue —Founding Interim 1979

George Duo —————-1979-1980

Peter Wehye —————1980-1981

Gabriel Salapeh————1981- 1982

John Kpan* —————–1982-1983

George Weanquoi ———1983-1984

James T. Saye ————–1984-1985

Samuel Gonsahn———–1985-1986

Aubrey Wehyee ———–1986-1987

Johnson Gwaikolo——–1987-1990

A.Yarsuo Weh Dorliae –1990-1991

Innis Yormie ————–1991-1992

Sammie Nuahn ———–1992-1994

Francis Sehnean* ———1994-1996

Rebecca Nohn Kidau—–1996-1998

Anthony Konneh——— 1998-2002

Mai Quipu Yuan ———-2002-2004

Miamen Wopea ———-2004-2006

Andrew Wongeh——— 2006-2007

Peter Wehye (Interim)—-2007-2008

Mohammed Keita——– 2008-2010

Martin Dorliae———— 2010-2014

Abbaccus Nyan Dokie— 2014-2018

Dahn Dennis ————–  2018-2022

Samuel W. Gee —- 2022 to present