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United Nimba Citizens Council

The UNICCO organization is a US based Liberian Ethnic Association made of mostly the descendants of Nimba County, one of Liberia’s political sub-divisions. Our goals are to create better understanding, unity and progress in our community.

UNICCO Statement of Purpose

  • To foster better understanding, promote peace, unity, progress and social awareness among Nimbaians in the Diaspora and Nimba County.
  • To strive for integrity and spiritual growth in our community
  • To maintain and preserve the cultural heritage and traditional values of Nimba County.
  • To serve as a forum for the exchange of Ideas among the people of Nimba County and with people from other countries.
  • To conduct intelligent examinations and discussions of issues relating to our welfare in the Americas and in Liberia.
  • To help improve the quality of education, health care and community development projects in the Diaspora and in Nimba County through the contribution of finances and manpower.

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Sponsoring Education

UNICCO National Scholarship Application
2023 Education Survey

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