National UNICCO Mission Statement and Policies


United Nimba Citizens Council in the Americas (UNICCO) is a non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit organization of Liberians from the ethnic groups of people from the political sub-division of Nimba County. UNICCO is engaged in social, humanitarian and community development programs. The organization was founded on May 9th, 1979 in the city of Atlanta,

As a free organization of Liberian citizens, UNICCO members recognize the need to be active participants in the development of their homeland and maintain cultural ties with the people of Nimba. They are deeply conscious of the need for unity among the people along with the efforts of identifying resources that will promote long-term and short-term development programs.

These programs will set forth the interests of Nimba that they all hold in common.Therefore UNICCO’s mission is to contribute to the rebuilding of Nimba County through unity, advocacy, public education and networking among its membership.

National UNICCO Objective

The objectives of the National UNICCO organization are:

  1. To promote peace, unity, progress and social awareness among Nimbaians in the Americas.
  2. To seek the welfare and promote the well- being of all UNICCO members in the Diaspora and Liberia.
  3. To serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas among the people of Nimba County residing in the Americas.
  4. To maintain and preserve the cultural heritage and traditional values of Nimba
  5. To help improve the quality of education, health care and community development among UNICCO members here and at home.
  6. To assist with specific development projects through the contribution of finances, resources and manpower.

Philosopy of National UNICCO

UNICCO members believe that the creation of mankind personifies God’s own image, fulfilling his natural laws with no regard to race, color, creed, religion and sex. By doing so he was upholding as well as promoting the full attainment of the attributes of life for purposes such as equal opportunity for good health, education and pursuit of happiness.

Governments and philanthropic organizations should function to provide these attributes for their citizens. Therefore, when a government fails to devise means for its citizens to fully obtain these attributes of life, organizations such as UNICCO must become active participants in striving to render assistance to its people. This is how the concept of homeland development and maintenance of culture/traditional ties and values become paramount for a people. Therefore, this brochure serves four purposes:

  1. To inform the public about UNICCO’s efforts to assist in the development of Nimba County.
  2. To introduce UNICCO’s projects and programs to the public.
  3. To invite Nimba citizens to join UNICCO en masse in its efforts to bring development to Nimba County.
  4. To acquaint the public with the core value and mission of UNICCO.

UNICCO was organized by Nimbaians in 1979 when their population in America was just increasing. It is intended to serve as a forum where Nimbaians can come together to discuss and exchange views on issues that relate to the well-being of Nimba County.


Purpose of National UNICCO

The main purpose of UNICCO is to develop, promote and support projects which uplift and improve the socio-economic, education and health care systems in Nimba County, Liberia.


  1. Education and Training
  2. Scholarship
  3. Healthcare and Medical missions
  4. Infrastructural Development
  5. Emergency Relief
  6. Child Welfare

Solicitation of Identified Programs

I. Education and Training

Liberia, like most underdeveloped countries must encourage, promote and provide its citizens with education/ training needed to become productive. Therefore, UNICCO’s goal is to assist in providing adequate educational materials and supplies to bring up a well-educated citizenry. UNICCO is soliciting donations for any of the below listed materials.

Educational Materials:

a. Text books (used and new) for elementary and high schools to cover all areas
b. Pens, pencils, chalk, erasers, loose leaf paper, notebooks and other school supplies and stationeries
c. Computers, laptops, i-pads, printers, scanners, copiers, projectors and other instructional materials

II. Health & Medication

Liberia has a few private and public hospitals and clinics which are not fully equipped with modern medical equipment and basic supplies for the medical and healthcare needs of the people.
UNICCO encourages your help with the needed funds, medical equipment and materials to address the devastating medical and health conditions in Liberia. Please help with any of the listed items.

Medical supplies and equipment:

Wound care supplies, antibiotics, medications, vaccines, bandages, crutches, wheelchairs, examination table, hospital beds, etc.

PPE’s and surgical equipment:
Ambulance, gloves, masks gowns, surgical supplies, laboratory equipment and supplies, first aid kits, dentistry materials, maternity supplies, etc

III. Infrastructural Development

Many schools, hospitals, etc. in Nimba were destroyed during the civil war. The repairs of these infrastructures are of vital necessity. Additionally, the construction of needed community facilities such as schools, hospitals, clinics, wells for drinking water, laboratories, public libraries, roads, bridges and other useful structures must be taken seriously. UNICCO also wishes to appeal for your support and donations to cover the cost of building materials, construction tools and equipment.

UNICCO is also soliciting donations for clothing including shoes of any size (new or used) as well as domestic needs such as kitchen and bathroom wares.


UNICCO’s membership is open to all citizens of Nimba residing in the United States who agree to support and uphold the principles and objectives of our bylaws and constitution. Membership is also extended to spouses of Nimbaians who are not from Nimba but agree to support and uphold the principles and objectives of the organization. Membership privileges include participation in the activities of UNICCO; voting and holding office, provided said person is fully registered and meets all requirements of membership. Associate membership shall be granted to Non-Nimbaians who have demonstrated support and services to UNICCO and are willing to uphold the principles and objectives of the organization.

Associate Members are not, however, eligible for elected positions, but may qualify for appointed positions and may vote. Honorary membership may be bestowed upon individuals whose distinguished support and services to the organization is found to be worthy of recognition. Such recognition shall be given by the National President.

Structure of UNICCO

UNICCO has a Board of Directors – headed by a Chairman; An Executive Committee – headed by the President and consisting of the Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, and other appointed officials. 


The motto of any organization is intended to indicate its intent, cultural heritage and values. UNICCO’s Motto is “ONE NIMBA, ONE PEOPLE” which symbolizes unity amongst the people of Nimba County. 


The Nimba Mountain is the logo and true symbol of Nimba County. The Mountain View on the logo serves as a unifying symbol of all Nimbaians in the Americas.   


Administrators of UNICCO

  • The General Conference
  • The Board of Directors
  • The Executive Committee


The headquarters of UNICCO is located in Atlanta, GA and the Administrative Office is established in the home state of the National President. All communications shall be directed to the President for prompt response and action. There are also local offices of the chapters that are empowered to address local issues. 

Chartered Chapters

  • California
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusett
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin

To Prospective Donors

UNICCO wishes to appeal to other humanitarian, philanthropic organizations, individuals and agencies of goodwill, public and private companies who ascribe to the cause of UNICCO and want to contribute to the efforts to feel free and make their donations. Leaders of UNICCO will approach every potential donor with a gentle request with the hope that they will help them in meeting the needs of the people. UNICCO wishes to assure you that all contributions and donations will be used for the intended purpose and accounted for. Please visit our donation page to make your donation today. Please contact our financial team with any question(s) regarding donation.  

Fundraising Methods

In order to implement the programs and projects mentioned herein, UNICCO has resolved to embark on the following fundraising methods:

  1. Convention Sitting Fees
  2. National Queen Contest
  3. Convention Dance & Banquet
  4. Annual Raffle Draw
  5. Soliciting Donations
  6. Grant Writing
  7. Chapters Dinner/ Dance
  8. Yearbooks, Calendars, T-shirts, Souvenirs, etc.
  9. UNICCO sport tournament
  10. $1.00 per week for bereavement (One Dollar Drive)
  11. Membership dues
  12. Direct Monetary Donations

Programs and Projects for Sponsorship

  1. Scholarship Programs
  2. Healthcare Training Programs
  3. Community Center Construction
  4. Safe Drinking Water (hand pump)
  5. Public Toilets in Towns

Chapters are encouraged to team up on any of these projects.

UNICCO is a tax exempt organization under section 501 © 3 of the Internal Revenue Services Code (IRS) of the United States of America. All donations to UNICCO are tax deductible.

Compiled by
Hector P Saye, Sr.
Chairman of the Board

UNICCO wishes to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals for their assistance with the creation of this manual.

Dr. Adam Kar- Invaluable advice
Mr. Dah-Wula Quoikapor II- Editing
Marienet Sharton-Typist
MJI Designs- Layout
Reference: UNICCO Constitution

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